CJRC Breaks Official World Record

Sept 12, 2017

Nine members of the Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club CJRC set a World Record for the 19 & Under Lightweight Small Team Longest Continuous Row and in the process raised over $2500 for two local charities. The young men rowed for four days straight keeping the flywheel moving continuously without letting it stop at anytime, even when switching, in order to break the record.

The team began rowing at 1:00 on Tuesday, July 25th and completed the continuous row at 1:00 on Saturday, July 29th. When it was all said and done, the team rowed for four full days and a total of 1,310,309 meters or 815 miles. The previous world record was held by Pacific Rowing Club out of San Francisco, who rowed for 3 days 3 hours 1 minute and 40 seconds with a total of 1,000,051 meters. The ambitious CJRC team “didn’t want to just one-up the previous record and row for a minute or two more. Rather, we decided we would row for a full 4 days,” commented team member Thomas Wenk.

To achieve this, the team split into 3 groups of 3 with the tenth member filling in for anyone who could not make it to their scheduled time. They assigned each group a 6-hour block, ensuring no one group would have to stay overnight every night. In the 6-hour block, the group of 3 split their time on the erg amongst themselves as they saw fit. For example, one group chose to have their members do 2x30min, 2x20min, and 2x10min so their pieces would get smaller as the shift went on. After the group shift was done, they had a 12-hour free period until it would be their turn again.

The world record-breaking team (pictured attached) includes Mathew Wells, Matt Zacharski (Alumni Senior last year), Riley Jones (Alumni Senior last year), Vincent Morrison, Scott Graumlich, Gus Haffner (Alumni Senior last year), Thomas Wenk, Nicholas Hutchins (Alumni Senior last year), Ryan Wenk on erg and Drew Sheldon (Alumni Senior last year) not pictured.

The Indoor Rowing world records are verified and tracked by concept2 – an erg manufacturer. More information on how the records are tracked and verified can be found at concept2.com.

In addition to breaking a world record, the rowers also used this as a way to raise money for two charities - the Heroin Epidemic Relief Organization (HERO) and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). “We chose these two specifically because several of us on the team have been impacted by them and we thought it would be a great way to raise awareness of the growing problem of heroin and suicide and encourage people to get the help they need,” shared Wenk.

The world-record row took place at Cincinnati Premier Training. The owner Josh Burdick and all of the trainers provide support to make sure that the team had everything they needed to be successful.

CJRC Dominates Cincinnati High School Invitational

April 8, 2017

Newport, Kentucky, April 11, 2017—The Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club began its spring racing season by hosting and competing in the Cincinnati High School Invitational this past Saturday at East Fork Lake. Over 21 teams competed from high schools and clubs across Ohio as well as high schools from as far away as Pittsburgh, Chicago, Nashville and Dallas. The competition consisted of Men’s and Women’s Varsity and Novice 8 and 4 boats along with Lightweight 8 and 4 boats. CJRC had a successful Regatta winning 10 out of the 14 Varsity events. “This is a great showing for CJRC – especially so early in the season. While we are really excited about these results, there is still a lot of work to do to prepare for the Midwest and National Championships held in May and June,” replied Head Coach Greg Hull.

CJRC Featured In River City News

A recent article in the River City News high-lights some of the accomplishments of CJRC.

Tucked neatly along the shores of the Licking River on the Newport side near the 4th St. Bridge, sits a rather nondescript brown metal building. …But while the structure may not immediately impress, the individuals that frequent the place are unquestionably champions.

Read the rest of the article online.

CJRC in The Harvard Crimson

Maybe they were just typical Midwestern kids with nothing to do. Maybe they all came to try it out, splash around in the water for a while, and call it a day. Maybe the baseball field or the basketball court or the swimming pool didn’t feel quite right.

Maybe that’s how it all started.

But with the sun’s reflection dancing on the Licking River and the Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club coxswain calling out yet another power 10 during the longest of afternoon practices, it’s all too clear that the beginning doesn’t matter.

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Summit Rowers Recognized

CJRC was featured on the cover of the 2015-2016 Summit Magazine Annual Report. The article hi-lights the accomplishments of 5 of our Summit Country Day rowers: Caroline Kranz, Whitt Massey, and Dane Franke, Alex Ragland, and Maya Warren. You can read the article online.